Attorney For Property Division Issues In Durham And Beyond

Dividing assets and debts in North Carolina is a process in which everything in the marital estate is valuated and divided equitably. With the idea that everything is divided “evenly,” it is important you have an attorney representing your interests and guiding you through this legal process.

Property division attorney Ann Credle represents men and women throughout the Durham area. She handles divorce and all related family law matters, and offers her clients more than 25 years of legal experience. Her firm is a premier choice for legal advice regarding family law issues.

The Basics Of Asset Division In North Carolina

The process of valuating and dividing assets should be tailored for every individual. Ms. Credle will help explain how the details of your situation affect divorce and property division, and what you can expect the likely outcome to be. While in most cases assets and debts are divided evenly (50/50), there are factors that can be considered where a Judge might order an unequal division of property, however a fair settlement can often be reached through skilled negotiation.

Ms. Credle has successfully represented clients in complex property division cases, and has the abilities to handle cases involving family-owned businesses and significant assets. She is very knowledgeable of property division laws and is often able to reach a fair outcome outside of the courtroom. She makes it a priority to listen to what her clients have to say and puts their interests first.

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