Understand Your Options As A Grandparent

If you are a grandparent seeking visitation of your grandchildren, you may find that the cards are stacked against you. Earning the right to see your grandkids is not always easy. With the help of an experienced family law attorney, however, you can explore all available options.

Ann M. Credle, P.A. has been serving the North Carolina community for more than 20 years. In those years of practicing law, Ms. Credle has developed a passion for providing her clients with the care and attention they deserve from their family law attorney.

Do Not Automatically Give Up

If your grandchildren’s parents are keeping them from seeing you, remember that you may have options. In 2000, Troxel v. Granville protected the parent’s right to deny or allow grandparents the option of visiting their grandchildren. However, the Supreme Court made a decision that affects all states.

This option presents a possibility for grandparents to earn visitation rights. For a grandparent to earn visitation rights, they need to prove that the visitation is in the children’s best interest and that harm may result for the children if a court does not approve visitation.

The key to earning visitation rights with your grandchildren is being able to establish a strong case. Attorney Credle can help you document your relationship with your grandchildren, prove the necessity of the relationship, gather and demonstrate witness testimony that supports the necessity of the relationship, and explore other avenues of strengthening your position in your legal matter.

What It Takes To Earn Custody Or Visitation

When grandparents are trying to earn custody of their grandchildren, certain situations need to be present. First, there needs to be proof that both parents are unfit to raise their children. Outside of mental health issues, abandonment, drug addictions or criminal issues, this may be hard to prove.

If there is already ongoing litigation related to the matter, grandparents can request to become a party, which can aid in visitation requests. Grandparents can only request to become a party if there is pending litigation.

Choose Someone With Experience To Represent You

The attorney you choose to represent you through your legal problems may impact the outcome. If you are in the Durham area or beyond, why not rely on an attorney with the experience and conviction necessary to help you?

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