Mediation May Be The Best Route To Take

For some individuals, arriving at a settlement outside of the courtroom is important. In North Carolina, this is a viable option for those facing divorce and related family law issues. With assistance from a lawyer or third-party mediator and cooperation from all parties involved, an effective resolution can be reached.

Ann M. Credle, P.A., routinely works with clients facing family law matters. Arriving at effective outcomes through mediation is something the firm has experience in. While mediation is not the best approach for resolving issues for everyone, it has many benefits. Ms. Credle is a certified mediator in North Carolina. Her experience as a family law attorney gives her insight into understanding the unique issues individuals face.

Benefits Of Family Law And Divorce Mediation

Mediating a divorce, custody or related family law case can take a few different forms. While each party may have an attorney representing his or her interests, they can sometimes be assisted by a neutral, third-party mediator who can help with resolving issues outside of court. Mediation offers an open forum for issues to be discussed without the presence of a judge. To find out if mediation is the right choice for you, contact Ann M. Credle, P.A.

This process is confidential and less costly than litigating a case. It is especially beneficial for parties who cannot reach an agreement on their own and still want to avoid the expense of going to court. Ms. Credle has experience advocating for clients in the mediation process and is ready to help you overcome the legal hurdles you face.

Contact The Firm To Discuss Your Options

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