Turn To An Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence is a serious issue that can drastically impact a family’s well-being for years to come. Whether someone is threatening you or your family or falsely accusing you of domestic violence, you need to be sure your attorney is fighting to protect you.

Attorney Ann M. Credle of Ann M. Credle, P.A. has been representing North Carolina clients for more than 20 years, and she has developed a passion for winning her clients’ cases. In the decades of her practice, attorney Credle has developed the skills necessary to pursue the best possible outcome for her clients.

Upholding The Truth For You

Part of what makes domestic violence cases so tricky is that you still need to prove it even if you know the truth. Thankfully, this task does not have to fall on you alone. With so many years of experience to offer, attorney Credle knows how to effectively present the facts to the court on your behalf.

False domestic violence charges can be just as devastating as failing to obtain a restraining order when you need one. False accusations can impact your ability to stay in the marital home, win custody of your children and more. Facing these legal matters without an attorney can turn into a mistake that you regret for years, so make sure you obtain the legal counsel you need.

Let Your Attorney Fight For You

In domestic violence cases, it is easy for emotions to get in the way of your goals. Let attorney Credle be the strong and understanding advocate that you need.

If you are in the Durham area, you can schedule your initial consultation today by calling 919-213-7449 or emailing attorney Credle here. Now is always the best time to reach out to a lawyer if you are facing legal problems, so act today to protect your tomorrow.