Making a good divorce out of a bad marriage

So you’ve had a rough go of it in marriage. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the North Carolina divorce has to be just as torturous. Think of it this way: You’re both moving forward with a new plan in life that will hopefully lead to more happiness for both of you.

Having a good divorcre

No matter the reasons for the divorce, it’s a painful thing to go through. If you add kids into the equation, it’s all the more difficult. A good divorce may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s completely possible However, it won’t necessarily happen on its own. The key is to make it work to everyone’s benefit.


It’s important to practice empathy although it might sound counterintuitive while you’re getting a divorce. When you’re able to empathize with your kids and even your ex-spouse, it can make things feel a little less out of control. It might even feel a bit more like you’re all on the same side and going through this together, even though you’re ultimately going in your separate directions.

Set a good example

Your kids are watching your behavior, so be honest and respectful toward your ex. Try to work together. You still probably know your ex-spouse better than almost anyone and can likely help navigate their feelings if you’re willing. Remember that picking your battles sometimes means having to agree to disagree. Compromise is the name of the game.

Having children involved also makes the divorce an opportunity to set a good example. This is a chance to show your kids how grown-ups solve problems and choose what’s best for them even when it’s hard.

Just because you’ve had a difficult marriage doesn’t mean that you’ll have an equally bad divorce. It may be nonreflexive, but when done well, the process of splitting up may be a positive experience for both parties.